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Insulin Pump Accessories

We sell insulin pump sox that are comfortable, discreet and protective.

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Covers for Insulin Pumps

ipSOX covers for insulin pumps come in a selection of colours and designs that stretch to fit your insulin pump. A portion of ipSOX profits are reinvested to support diabetes care.

Great news! ipSOX is to continue under new management! BlueCircleKit Limited is delighted to be the proud new owner of ipSOX.

BlueCircle Kit Limited has been working to improve type 1 diabetes by offering exciting new products for over 2 years. The launch product of BlueCircle Kit Limited is called PenTrim. A product designed as a wrap to improve the look and feel of insulin pens. Find out more about them here!

The ipSOX team are delighted to announce that they donated £3,000 to the Edinburgh branch of Diabetes UK at the Hummingbird Ball!

ipSOX Designs

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What Are ipSOX?

ipSOX ™ are soft, protective covers for insulin pumps. They come in a wide variety of styles and ranges, so there's something to suit everyone. Our ecru sox can be worn under light-coloured clothing and all our sox help stop your pump rubbing against your skin. They are suitable for most commonly used insulin pumps, such as those supplied by Medtronic, Roche and Johnson & Johnson.
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If you need any help please don't hesitate to contact us.
trade enquiries

Trade Enquiries

If you you're interested in selling our insulin pump sox, please see our trade enquiries page.

Promote Your Company

We offer a bespoke design service. Use ipSOX ™ to promote your company.
made in the uk

Made in the UK

ipSOX ™ are a high quality, UK made product, made from a cotton / Lycra mix.

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