ipSOX is part of BlueCircle Kit Limited a company who also runs PenTrim – who sets of products are designed to help those with type 1 diabetes.

The ipSOX idea developed after it was found that people with Type 1 diabetes, who had changed from insulin injections to a pump wanted to find covers for the pump. After a search to find covers for the pump, it became apparent that there were limited accessories available to purchase.

Results from market research highlighted that wearing an insulin pump can be uncomfortable and impractical at times. The pumps are About Us Page Imagemade of hard plastic and can be uncomfortable when worn directly against skin. Pumps also come with a clip for wearing on a belt or attaching to clothing however some people wish to ‘hide’ the pump under their clothes.

There were no suitable products found on the market for holding the pump, so female patients often pop them into their underwear (bra) and some male patients will customise their trousers by adding an extra pocket for the pump. Pumps can sometimes be impractical when wearing light coloured clothes e.g. the pump will show through if female patients are wearing white tops or blouses.

Some quotes from the questionnaire relating to current accessories included:

More discreet the better.

I want accessories that will co-ordinate with my outfit.

I want to wear a white t-shirt without my pump showing through it.

I always wear my pump in my bra and want something comfortable and discreet to use.

This questionnaire highlighted a lack of accessories available for insulin pump users and suggested improvements for the limited accessories currently available. These tend to be bulky, indiscreet and expensive. Also several of them used velcro which damages clothing. It was also noted that limited accessories were specifically tailored for children.

The company name stands for Insulin Pump Socks.

ipSOX will sell and distribute funky covers for the insulin pumps that are made of a cotton/Lycra mix so that the pump feels soft against skin. This will be comfortable to wear and will protect the pump. The pump covers are also machine washable.

The pump covers come in a selection of vibrant colours and designs that can be matched to clothing and personal taste, and will stretch to fit any insulin pump. A nude cover is also available for patients who wish to wear their pump under their clothes. Children who use insulin pumps will like the bright designs and characters.

These accessories will provide a gap in the current pump accessory market, which will improve and enhance the practicalities and visual appearance of wearing an insulin pump.